Michael Phelps quote.

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“I know I can be successful doing everything on my own, everything is possible. If you do it using you imagination options are endless, you can go as far as you wanna go.”


Contrast in life.

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Although you can’t always trust in pop music and Hollywood’s wisdom, there’s some things you can  always learn, (as in everything). One of my favorite movies, Vanilla Sky, includes a bit of daily wisdom that is important in life.

“Sweet and sour, you have to taste sour to enjoy sweet”

And in the Spanish version is said like this:

“Pain and glory, you have to go across the delightful pain that offers life to be prized with the sublime feeling of glory”

This is totally true, everything has it’s opposites only in a matter of grade, but their nature will always be the same, we have to go across the poles of every feeling and situation in life to know and appreciate the other one; it’s like a pendulum that gives us up and down. So it’s up to you to enjoy at most when you’re up and keep the eyes on the upper part when we’re down.

Accelerate to turn on… Ladies.

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Is well known that who has a fancy car actually has fancy ladies, but is this true? According with a recently done study by British insurer Hiscox (!) they certainly do, that study consisted in forty ladies and gentlemen listening to recordings of the engines of three Italian (Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini) and a VW Polo.

The study revealed that, after listening to the Italians people had a higher levels of testosterone; ladies were turned on by the Maserati and gentlemen by the Lamborghini although many of them (principaly ladies) said they weren’t interested at all in the cars they heard at.

So, now science proves what common sense has know for a long time, but in my opinion there’s different reasons why people get excited by cars. Continue reading